“To advance the Kingdom of God in the heart, in the church & in the world” 

Missions Statement Explained: 

1. In the heart 

The Kingdom is advanced on a personal level through a right relationship with God. This requires continued spiritual renewal and transformation. We commit ourselves to the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study, fasting and witnessing. In so doing, our relationship with the Lord will be made stronger, our devotion deeper, our love more pure. 

2. In the church 

The Kingdom is advanced in the church, as we grow in unity, love, service and care one for another. This is facilitated through Sunday Worship services, Bible studies, prayer meetings, fellowship and fellowship meals, discipleship formation, and leadership training. Advancement within the church comes as we grow in our spiritual formation and then in turn serve one another. 

3. In the world  

The Kingdom is advanced in the world as servants of God are discipled, trained and released to do ministry. The Kingdom is advanced through sowing and reaping, through exposing the darkness and seeing the souls of men liberated.  

Mission Statement